About the College

A college stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of the human race towards ever higher objectives. If the colleges discharge their duties adequately, then it is well with the Nation and the People. The above visionary statement by the first Prime Minister of Independent India on the occasion of the diamond jubilee of Allahabad University held on 13 December, 1947, reflects the great importance on education in India. We believe the statement by heart and soul.

Our Jagabandhu Dash Degree Women’s College, Kadalipali  was established in the year 2016 keeping in the eyes the need of women education in the locality by the joint effort of Mr. Brundaban Bihari Dash & Mr. Antaryami Panda. A lot of problems were faced at the beginning because it is a mega project and the criteria of the govt for opening are too long.

       There is a proverb,’’If there is a will there is a way” with patience and proper planning the college started. It grew like a flower by winning the support of students, Parents well wishers, educationalists, staff and governing Body of our J.D.Junior and Degree Women’s College, kadalipali. Its fragrance reaches far wide.       

   Department of Higher Education Govt.of Odisha accorded opening permission in the year 2017 on dt.06.06.2017,having five Honours with 128 seats, Like political-Science- 32, Education- 32, Odia- 24 ,Hindi- 24 ,and History- 16 seats.

    Interview of the staff was conducted on dt25.06.2017,with due process and appointment was issued accordingly. Fortunately, we have some genius as our teaching staff.Their dedication to the college is praiseworthy.

    Govt of Odisha, Department of Higher Education allowed our students for online admission. 437 students applied for our college and out of which 128+1 were admitted.

      Library is our asset. It is our prime importance. We have purchased 818 Books for the 1st Semester. Apart from CBCS Course books we have also a good collection from different areas of learning and books are issued to staff and students time to time to encourage their reading habit.

     Competitions are organised to expose the hidden talent and creativity of our students. We organise debate and essay competitions in Odia, Hindi and English, Song Competition, Dance Competition, Rangoli, Craft, Acting, Painting, Art, dressing competition, hair style are done to inspire and encourage them. Miss Mandakini Meher has been awarded as the cultural Champion of the college.

      Annual Sports day is an important event in the student’s life. Our 1st Annual Sports Day was conducted on dt.15.01.2017,So many students participated and won prizes in the competitions like 100metre race, 200metre race, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus,  javelin throw, Cycle slow, musical chair and fancy dress.

      In the current year our students have participated in the District Level Athletic meet held at Bargarh and have won prizes successfully. Miss Sasmita Naik is awarded as the sports champion. We congratulate her for her success.

      Our students participate in different cultural competitions organised by different clubs of Barpali time to time and win prizes. To create the spiritual and devotional environment in the college, we observe Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja and Teachers Day with enthusiasm.

      Independence Day and Republic Day are the great days and proud moment for every Indian. we celebrate these days with speech, song and slogan to promote nationalism and patriotism among students.

     This year our college is going to publish a multilingual printed magazine named ‘SHRUTI’ a collection of different literary parts in which the writings of students and staff are placed to encourage and motivate their creative writing.

      We invite faculties and resource persons from different fields to our college to share their knowledge and experience with our students.

    Plantation of Trees is our special interest. We have formed a green ‘soldier’ group among the students in our college to motivate students for planting of trees as trees are important to our planet. We also plant different flower plants and show plants to enrich the beauty of the college as well as to create a peaceful environment.

     We bestow Award and Manapatra to different personalities who have proved their talent in different fields. This year we have awarded Mr Sampurna Bhoi, the football Coach, Miss Nikita Bishi, the international football player and Mr Pankaj Bhue, the international cricketer and so many others so as to inspire them and to respect their talent.

       Classes are done seriously in our college. Even extra classes, remedial classes, tutorial classes are taken by our teachers for revision , continuity and improvement of the students. Monthly Examination is conducted every month and students mark is recorded. The internal Examination of CBCS system of 1st semester is completed and our students have secured satisfactory mark which indicates their academic improvement.

     Our Jagabandhu Dash Degree Women’s College is endeavouring to strengthen its academic output, quality education, right administration and to merge as the centre of excellence. The success is due to the continuous effort of our staff, students and managing Committee.

      Our college is a mission .It is a dream project. Every Student, every staff and every member of managing committee is a part and parcel of the dream.

      According to APJ Abdul Kalam, the Ex-president of India,”I am not telling about the dream that we see in sleep but the dream that does not allow us to sleep”.We admire and follow the thought of the great Soul.